“She's had a fabulous time with you, and we want to thank you very much for the kindness, care, patience and love that you have shown her”

“I feel he has come on leaps and bounds and I know it's thanks to you”

“She has thrived and grown more confident over the years and has loved everyday with you”

“Thank you so much for making her first school experience a fab one. She has loved every second of it and I know you will all be sadly missed”

“Thank you so much for the emotional support you have given, Playgroup was definitely the right place to begin their social development”

“Thank you for giving me smiles”

“We'd really like our child to spend more time with you at preschool and playgroup as we know that she gets a great deal from her time there in terms of activities and simulation. We see this from her enthusiasm and eagerness to attend, and also from the array of things she brings home. She looks forward to attending so much that she has been asking me for the past 4 days "when is it playgroup?" We really appreciate all the time and effort you put in to planning the fun activities and learning and we can see the results when our child returns”.